10-Hour Check
Rose Marine Service
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Algonac, MI

Service Description

Our 10 Hour Check is recommended on all our new four-stroke outboards sold. The 10 Hour Check accomplishes several service related issues, and is suggested by all of the major outboard manufacturers.*

During the break-in of your new outboard, many mechanical and physical changes are taking place in your new engine. When your engine break-in is followed per manufacturer recommendations and the engine is serviced after completion of the break-in, many long term issues can be prevented and ensure a clean bill of health on your outboard.

10-Hour Check: (may vary depending on manufacturer and horsepower)

  • Change engine oil and oil filter with OEM products.
  • Change gearcase lubricant.
  • Inspect mechanical shifting and throttle control.
  • Look over engine, boat, and trailer.
  • Address any warrantable or service issues.
  • Scan engine with appropriate computer diagnostics and record actual hours and any service code or issues.
  • Run engine, check fluids, and make future service recommendations.